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4 things to know before shifting to vietnam for software outsourcing

4 things to know before shifting to vietnam for software outsourcing

Vietnam is repeatedly named in the list of top countries for software outsourcing in the world in the recent years. The country has been welcoming big waves of investment in operating offshore development centers for many businesses from Japan, Singapore, Australia, US and some of European countries. Vietnam has overtaken India to be the second-largest software outsourcing destination of Japan.

To understand the trend, let’s go through some decisive figures in software outsourcing businesses. Then put them against your business goals before deciding to look for a suitable provider in this country, as one size does not fit all.

Production Cost

Vietnam is best known for the quality of the services delivered at a very reasonable production cost. With the labor cost 90% less than those in the US, most clients expect to see some cost reduction if they outsource their projects here; especially at Ho Chi Minh City due to its high potency in infrastructure, human resource, lower operational cost, and high standard of delivered service. This city attracts many techpreneurs from overseas as well as from within the country itself. Services costs range from $15 – 40/hour.

IT professionals

Vietnam has numerous IT talents in various fields of software development regardless an interesting fact that the country only started the IT outsourcing business about 20 years ago. The government recognized the importance of systematic education in IT field and has been heavily investing on it by many supportive policies. Vietnam has 80,000 IT graduates per year, 1 million active IT professionals working in 30,000 ICT businesses. The government aims to make this country the Silicon Valley in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam has best developers in AI. IT programmers in Vietnam are known as early adopters in technology yet creativity and innovation are not their strength.

Regarding English proficiency level, most of the management level or team leaders in software development companies are well versed in English language; the rest is at intermediate level. Regarding to English proficiency, the country ranks number 65 out of 100 in global ranking, and 7 out of 20 in Asia, data year 2020 by EF EPI.

Despite the success of Vietnam in software outsourcing business, the fact that the IT workforce here is young and flexible makes it sometimes a problem when you are looking for some seniority in an IT specialist for your specific projects.

Digital Economy & Digital Infrastructure

Digital maturity of Vietnam keeps on flourishing. Despite some limitation in digital infrastructure, this country is the third largest e-commerce market in Southeast Asia. During the past 5 years, the value of High Technology Exports of Vietnam remains as ranking as number 3 in the same region. The country aims to hit US$33 billion in value in digital economy by 2025. The government also implements various programs to nourish the start-up culture and innovation ecosystem.

Digital infrastructure of Vietnam is at the basic level, in terms of data and transmission speeds. The government attempts to roll out of 5G services by 2021 as part of the boost for digitalization. Intellectual property protection is fully aware in Vietnam as one of the government’s efforts in the national digitalization process.

Social Stability and Government Initiatives

Vietnam is listed in a study of UNDP (United Nation Development Program) as one of the most secure country for doing business with. Among 14 countries in Asia Pacific Region, Vietnam is also the safest country in terms of political, religious and economic risk, by the Hong Kong Political & Economic Risky Consultancy.

There are more achievements that you can find in the international rankings as an indicator for the political stability of Vietnam. The government has been taking numerous initiatives to make the country more attractive and broadly opening to businesses around the world. The recent effort is the making Ho Chi Minh City the country’s Silicon Valley. The government combines three eastern districts of Ho Chi Minh City to form the foundation for a Smart city, which is called ”Eastern Town”. The town includes the existing hi-tech park in District 9, university district of Thu Duc, and the upcoming urban residential and financial center in District 2. Being cultivated in the 22,000 hectare of land, this town is the first technology hub of the country that promisingly leverages the national digital ecosystem in a grand way.


Choosing the most suitable country for your projects requires a comprehensive overview of the country as a whole, as well as a look into details of your potential offshore co-workers, to make sure both parties benefit from a long-term and fruitful corporation.

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