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Top 5 reasons for looking overseas software development outsourcing

Top 5 reasons for looking overseas software development outsourcing

In the recent years, having software development outsourced is a prominent trend among industries and companies. The increasing influence of technology on business makes more and more enterprises rely on the assistance from software development. There are only a few left that do not require any help from any software development in their daily operations. Regardless of what you have, a website, an ecommerce inventory manager, a mobile application, an in-house workflow system, or anything else... there are likely high chances of you being in need of software services in the near future.

Why should you consider outsourcing?

Before going into details of the current scenario, we firstly need to be aware of the latest trends in IT jobs in the market. There is a rapid growth in the industry of software development outsourcing. Most businesses are seeking out for qualified and well-trained IT professionals who are ready to work for them. Unfortunately, this process does not work for a few businesses, especially in those countries with higher demand in Western Europe, the USA, and Canada.

These are the top reasons for looking overseas for getting software development services:

- Getting your work done by highly skilled and expert professionals, from fully equipped teams

- Exposure to international standard of the global IT market and its services

- Cost-effective pricing, meaning higher savings for your other business functions

- Enhanced risk management, crediting to the outsourced assistance for software development

- Better controlling over cash and service flow as you can hire developers as per your need

Advantages of outsourcing

Now that you know whether or not your businesses might require offshore development services, we will go through the advantages of outsourcing these services. With proper coordination and communication, out posting these services can bring loads of benefits. Some of these advantages are listed here:

  • Targeting the main business goals
  • Your outsourced help will take care of the basic tasks, leaving your in-house teams full focus to invest on the most important requirements of the company, your products.

  • Access to better options
  • Global-level experience and professional skills from external providers are brought into the your projects. Outsourcing grants access to a global pool of talents. Developers working for software houses usually have more extensive experience.

  • Access to international software industry standards
  • Having an in-house IT team which follows software industry standards requires huge investment on people, time and process management i.e. hardware, software, license, platform, workflow... Using resources from an offshore development center or outsourcing services allows you to benefit from their worldwide industry set-ups.

  • Accelerate project development speed
  • It’s fast to set up an outsourced team, and easy to adjust team volume depending on your project’s milestone. Through outsourcing deployment, you can speed up your project progress and commit the delivery schedules with your clients or customers.

  • Cost saving
  • As the tasks are shared with regions that have lower prices, it helps to decrease the expenses.

There are numerous IT companies that provide outsourcing services all around the world.  Unsurprisingly, many of them come from the same country where there are outstanding advantages. These countries, with their different demographic locations, bring varying talent on the table. Obviously, there are more criteria in the selection process for a suitable outsourcing service such as various qualifications, experience levels, lingual, time zones, and specialization...

Selecting a country for outsourcing software development

To make up your mind on which country to outsource software development from, you must look at everything from the whole developed IT industry to the pricing of the projects. You must also check if the country can communicates effectively in your preferred language. These are a few criteria that you should keep into consideration:

- Local IT workforce standards

- People skills and availability

- Production cost

- Infrastructure and Innovation/ Digital resonance

- Business catalyst and Government initiatives

- Stability of social and economy

- Cultural compatibility and Communications

- Time zone

How much do the outsourcings charge?

Different companies have different pricing based on the currency and services required. There are several other factors like:

- Project Deadline

- Project Complexity

- Template or Custom-made

- Number of employees get involved

- Average rates of the Country

- Whether or not the nation is a member of World Organizations like WTO, EU, etc.

In the recent years, there is a shifting from paying for programming hours to paying for results. This trend makes software development outsourcing more interpersonal and value-driven. This approach helps you select a suitable outsourcing team for your projects. However, time-and-material and fixed priced contracts are still the most common model in the outsourcing industry.

Final verdict

Outsourcing has been the first choice of most companies in the past few years. It will remain this way for the upcoming years. It is the favored strategy of all time since it is suitable for diverse demands from enterprises to growing startups, and beyond. Your company can get the projects and works done at inexpensive pricing from talented professionals. Almost 80 percent of businesses are satisfied about their outsourcing decisions.

Selecting an outsourcing company or country is a difficult task. However this process gets fairly easier with proper research and knowledge. Go through all the top countries for outsourcing, and make up your mind to get the best software development services from offshore companies.

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