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About The Project

Envoca mobile app for English learner

Envoca offers a fun and efficient way to learn new language. With the renowned learning methodology - spaced repetition - Envoca could help you either proactively or passively memorize new vocabularies almost effortlessly.

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App Features

As per client's need, we have developed Envoca mobile app for both platform: iOS & Android.

  • Uncluttered, stunning design that let you customize the app skin with your favorite color scheme from various elegant, predefined themes.
  • Thousands of useful words from a most common and widely used topics would be a great way for starter as well as advanced learner.
  • Envoca use Fibonacci as the golden ratio. It will help you put new words into your subconscious mind without you even noticing it.
  • Add words to favorite then navigate to Favorite menu and start learning them. The more times you learn a certain word, the longer time it will get back and so on.
  • 3 most common quiz games under the Game menu will help you to be entertained and benefited at the same time.
  • Keep track with 2 beautiful and easy-to-use statistics charts: Pie and Graph.

How We Work

We decided to go with native programming languages for this mobile app development.

First off, we sketch the layout and finetune it various number of times until it meets our client expectation. And then, based on that sketch, our designers breathe life into it with colors, logo, graphic, animation... So that the applications could have a tangible identity.

During the development stage, we define milestones that we deliver shippable package to our client so we could make sure we are going on the right path.

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