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About The Project

A Stunning Wordpress Site

MMHF is a new website providing resources and support for men's mental health in Australia, covering topics such as depression, anxiety, and stress.

MMHF provides practical mental health advice and a directory of local support groups and services, helping visitors manage and improve their mental health.

Visitors can donate directly through the MMHF site to support their efforts in promoting men's mental health and reducing stigma around mental health issues in Australia.

Wordpress 6.x | WPBakery PageBuilder | Stripe | Figma

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Service Features

As per client's need, we have developed a dynamic and mobile-friendly Wordpress site.

Simple Animation and Niche Layout

  • To create an engaging and visually appealing user experience, we designed a simple animation and niche layout. This feature ensures that visitors can easily navigate the site and access the information they need to improve their mental health.

Stripe Payment Gateway

  • To enable visitors to donate directly to the foundation through the site, we integrated the Stripe payment gateway. This feature ensures that the foundation can receive donations seamlessly and securely, furthering their mission to promote men's mental health in Australia.

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

  • To ensure that the site is accessible to as many people as possible, we made it responsive and mobile-friendly. This feature enables visitors to access the site's resources from any device, whether it's a desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone.


  • To increase the site's visibility and search engine rankings, we implemented SEO best practices. This feature improves the site's chances of being discovered by those searching for mental health resources and support in Australia.


We faced several challenges while building the MMHF (Men's Mental Health Foundation) Wordpress site, including:

➟ Not being the original creators of the site: As we were not involved in the site's initial development, we had to spend extra time understanding the existing codebase and structure to make any necessary changes and updates.

➟ Timezone differences: With our team in Saigon and the client based in Melbourne, we had to navigate a significant timezone difference. This required careful planning and communication to ensure that we could collaborate effectively despite the distance.

➟ Tight deadline and a long list of requests: The client had a tight deadline for the project, and there was also a long list of requests to be completed. This required us to work efficiently and prioritize tasks to ensure that we met the client's expectations and delivered a high-quality site on time.

Despite these challenges, we were able to work closely with the client, maintain clear communication, and deliver a website that met their needs and exceeded their expectations.

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How We Work

We chose to build our client's website using WordPress, as it met their requirements and provided the necessary functionality without the need for additional technologies.

When we were brought into the project, MMHF's website was already about 50% complete, and we were handed a detailed 28-page brief outlining their requirements and expectations for the site. Despite not being involved in the initial development phase, our team worked closely with MMHF to ensure that the final product met their expectations and was consistent with their original vision.

We started by conducting a thorough review of the existing work, and worked collaboratively with MMHF to identify gaps and areas for improvement. We established clear milestones and timelines for completing the remaining work, and worked efficiently to ensure that we met the tight deadline.

Throughout the project, we maintained close communication with MMHF to ensure that we were on the right track, and provided regular updates on our progress. Our team was committed to delivering a high-quality website that met all of MMHF's needs, and we were able to successfully launch the site on time and within budget.

We also provided MMHF with comprehensive training and support to ensure that they could effectively manage and maintain their website moving forward. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for our clients, regardless of when we are brought into a project or the level of detail provided in the initial brief.

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UI/UX Graphic Design

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Front-end Development

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Back-end/API Development

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Stripe Payment Gateway Integration

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