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About The Project

Another Beautiful Wordpress Site

Welcome to TDH's new and dynamic WordPress site, showcasing the 6 subsidiaries across various industries, including Oil & Gas, Real Estate, and Investment.

The site has captivating animations, a professional design, and provides comprehensive updates on ventures and achievements in the portfolio and news sections.

Whether you're a potential investor or a curious reader, we invite you to explore our site and learn more about TDH's diverse and thriving businesses.

Wordpress 6.x | WPBakery PageBuilder | YoastSEO | Figma

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Service Features

As per client's need, we have developed a dynamic and mobile-friendly Wordpress site.

Elegant Animation

  • Enhance the browsing experience with elegant animations on our TDH website. Our subtle yet captivating animations bring a touch of sophistication and style to the user interface, making your visit both engaging and visually stunning.
  • Adding a background video at the top of the website's homepage to immediately capture your attention and set the tone for your browsing experience. The video showcases the brand and provides a dynamic introduction to the site offerings.

YoastSEO and Mobile-friendly

  • Improve SEO with YoastSEO on our WordPress site. This powerful tool helps optimize the content and increase visibility on search engines, driving more traffic to our client's site.
  • Explore the content on-the-go with our mobile-friendly site. Our responsive design ensures a seamless browsing experience across all devices.


  • We offer a website that supports two languages - English and Vietnamese - to ensure that our content can reach a wider audience.
  • In addition to language support, we have also integrated a blog into our website, allowing you to stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends in our industry. With these features, we aim to provide a user-friendly and informative browsing experience that caters to the needs of all our visitors.

Other Features

  • Additionally, we have integrated a dynamic gallery on our website that allows you to view our products and services in an interactive and visually appealing way. With these features, we aim to create an engaging and memorable experience for our visitors, while also providing easy access to important information about our business.


Our development team encountered challenges while building a website for a client that affected project progress. We initially had difficulty capturing the client's vision, leading to revisions and timeline delays. The client's preferred design style also required us to adapt our methods.

The project's tight deadline added pressure to deliver high-quality work within a short timeframe, making it challenging to address issues during development, which led to working long hours to meet the deadline.

Due to the client's lack of experience in managing a web project, miscommunications and misunderstandings arose during the development process. We assumed a project management role to ensure everyone was aligned and that the project progressed smoothly.

Our development team worked closely with the client to overcome challenges and ensure on-time delivery of a successful website that met their expectations. Open communication and adaptability were key to meeting their needs and achieving success despite the difficulties.

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How We Work

We chose to build our client's website using WordPress, as it met their requirements and provided the necessary functionality without the need for additional technologies.

For two weeks, our team met with TDH on several occasions at their office to kick-off the project, listen to their desires and expectations, and gain a thorough understanding of their needs. Simultaneously, we collaborated to analyze and sketch out their ideas, working together until that sketch became our final interactive prototype.

After finalizing the wireframe and securing the contract, our designers joined the team to collaborate on the project's vision. They created two different homepage designs for TDH to choose from, which we then adapted and applied to all other pages. As we completed each page, we worked closely with the client to fine-tune and ensure that it met their expectations.

Using the Agile methodology during the development stage, we established clear milestones and delivered shippable packages to our client to ensure that we remained on the right track.

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UI/UX Graphic Design

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Front-end Development

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Back-end/API Development

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