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About The Project

On-Demand Travel Guides Application

2 separate mobile apps (Traveler & Guru) which offers online travel guru to someone who wants to explore new places. Travelers just need asks relevant questions and pick a suitable guru to help.

Users who join the platform as travel guru could be booked as an online tour guide for many virtual tours they could handle simultaneously.

Swift 5.2 | Java | Python | Redis | Stripe | DigitalOcean

App Features

As per client's need, we have developed 2 Mobile Apps: Ask2Go Traveler & Guru.

Traveler App Features

  • Choose a service you want. I could be Nightlife, History, Food & Restaurant or whatsoever.
  • Type a question and wait for travel guru to answer. You could tip him if he manages to help you out.
  • Scroll through the list of travel guru and find yourself a suitable one to book for your upcoming trip.
  • Pay your travel guru with just a few steps with online payment gateway which already integrated.
  • Rate your trip, leave a comment, follow your guru are some of the actions you could do with this platform.
  • Join the community as travel guru and start earning wherever you are in the world.

Guru App Features

  • Register and upload certificate image as online travel guru.
  • Write relevant articles and photos in profile page in order to drive traffic.
  • Pick up and help answer travel question and receives either review or tip.
  • Select travel category to help with and be booked by travelers.
  • Online support travelers by chatting with them during their trip.
  • Helpful travel guru should be always rewarded with high rating, review and tip.
  • Service fee and tip will be settled monthly over our international online payment gateway.


Our client of this project doesn't have technical background so that means it takes us a while to fully grasp the idea of this service and that same amount of time to analyze, consult and put them together into a wireframe.

This project, which is inclusive of 2 separate mobile applications, requires a handful of experienced developers as well as clear project management processes.

Our client wants to eventually roll this out to global which requires us to research and determine suitable 3rd services in terms of server, payment gateway, supported languages, time zone... and also a programming framework that could be easily scaled up.

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How We Work

We decided to go with native programming languages for this mobile app development.

First off, we sketch the layout and finetune it various number of times until it meets our client expectation. And then, based on that sketch, our designers breathe life into it with colors, logo, graphic, animation... So that the applications could have a tangible identity.

During the development stage, we define milestones that we deliver shippable package to our client so we could make sure we are going on the right path.

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Mobile App Development

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Back-end/API Development

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Payment Gateway Integration

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UI/UX Graphic Design

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