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About The Project

On-The-Go E-Learning Web Application

An eLearning service with various user roles and complex structure similar to Udemy which allows users either to join the platform as individual or even organization.

Users who join the platform as learner will have chance to not only benefit from the instructive videos but also be able to interact with instructor via chatting system if they purchase the premium courses.

The system also has its own admin section which allows GoEn management staffs to manage courses, users, news, testimonials and everything.

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Service Features

As per client's need, we have developed a mobile-friendly web service.

Online Course

  • A course contains videos streaming from AWS, collection of quiz and attachment as demonstration for some presentation.
  • There are 2 types of course: Standard and Premium. The only difference between them is that user who enrolls premium course will be able to interact with tutor of that course.

Online Payment

  • User will have 3 options to buy a course: Visa | Mastercard, Local bank online transfer, and off-system payment.
  • Depends on location of user, we will determine which payment gateway to use: Alepay (Ngan Luong) or Stripe.

Complex Structure

  • There are 6 different roles which own different permissions.
  • Super Admin have the ultimate permissions such as creating sub-company and managing user across sub-companies.
  • The other roles are Goen admin, sub-company admin, business user, individual user and tutor.

Other Features

  • Besides videos, any course might content a set of quiz that has strong relevance to it. The quiz type could be multiple-choice or open question.
  • System also allows Goen admin to create course combo, which is a group of courses but with lower total price.


Goen comes with incomplete structure of the service they expect on mind. We need to spend weeks to consult, analyze and prepare a contract (mockup) to make sure we are on the same boat. Before approaching Dicom Interactive, there are 2 other Japanese companies who failed to finish this web application.

Goen is a typical Japanese client. They are always looking for something called "pixel-perfect", very design-oriented and pay close attention to every detail.

Goen also wants to roll this out to global which requires us to research and determine suitable 3rd services in terms of server, payment gateway, supported languages, time zone... and also a programming framework that could be easily scaled up.

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How We Work

We decide to go with ReactJS for the Front-end, NodeJS for the Back-end, Redis and MongoDB as the database, Stripe and Alepay as Payment Gateway and AWS as our web service.

We spend 2 weeks to listen to Goen and try to understand what their desire and expectation are. Simultaneously, we analyze and sketch out their ideas and we work together until that sketch becomes our final interactive prototype.

Right after we finalize the wireframe and get the contract, our designers come in and collaborate on the vision then created 2 different look-and-feel homepages so that Goen could pick one. We then adapt that style into all other pages and on each page finish, we check and fine-tune it with the client.

During the development stage, we define milestones that we deliver shippable package to our client so we could make sure we are going on the right path.

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Mobile App Development

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Back-end/API Development

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Payment Gateway Integration

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UI/UX Graphic Design

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